Xtrfy B1


Xtrfy B1 is a new type of mouse bungee designed to be both steadier and more flexible – all to help gamers perform better.

  • Flexible silicone arm
  • Stable design
  • 4-port USB hub
  • LED illumination
$54.00 (USD)
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silicone arm

Follows your movements and removes the drag from your mouse cord.

Stable design

Super-steady base and non-slip rubber feet for stable gaming.

4-port USB hub

Combined mouse cord controller and USB hub.

B1. Maximize precision.

The B1 is built on the experience of professional gamers. The result is a new type of mouse bungee that is both steadier and more flexible – all to help gamers perform better.

Unique, flexible construction.

In order to truly enhance player performance, the bungee needs to be flexible enough to follow every mouse movement without resistance. The B1 is uniquely constructed to help gamers improve their play, and features a flexible silicone arm that moves with the player, making the mouse feel wireless.

Stable bungee, solid play.

With a low center of gravity, non-slip rubber feet and a weight of almost half a kilo, the B1 is a super-steady bungee guaranteed to stay in place during the most demanding gaming situations.

Built-in USB hub.

The B1 not only makes your mouse movements smoother, it also helps you organize your gaming area by bringing a 4-port USB hub to the table.

Swedish design.

The B1 is a stylish addition to any gaming station, featuring a sleek metal design combined with an Xtrfy yellow LED illumination.

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”The B1 has a new construction that makes it more flexible than any other mouse bungee, providing smoother movements and better mouse control.” /Emil ”HeatoN” Christensen, eight-time World Champion in Counter-Strike and founder of NiP.

Winning ingredients


Flexible silicone


Zinc alloy


Non-slip rubber


Xtrfy yellow

Hub ports:

4 x USB 2.0 (300 mA total)




1.5 m, braided


420 g

Dimensions (base):

108 x 108 x 23.5 mm

Height including arm:

124 mm

Warranty EU/US/ASIA:

2/1/1 years


Patented design


Model name:



7340086907989 / 842597100073

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