• Attractive design in matte black
• Three-legged design stand made of solid metal guarantees stability
• First-class sound quality
• Compatible with PC, Mac, PS4 and PS5 (Plug&Play via USB cable)
• Convenient push-to-mute function
• Headphone jack with integrated volume control in CHERRY design

$79.99 (USD)

The high-quality workmanship of the CHERRY UM 3.0 makes it very visually striking, and it is exceptionally stable thanks to its robust three-legged metal stand. Whether for video calls, streaming ses-sions or when gaming online – good communication is an all-important element. If you value professional sound and don’t want to rely on the built-in microphone in your laptop, headset or webcam, the CHERRY UM 3.0 streaming microphone is the perfect choice. A sampling rate of 96 kHz and 24 bit guarantees clear and detailed voice recordings.




USB microphone for streaming and office use.

The CHERRY UM 3.0 is the perfect podcast microphone for beginners. With its appealing look in matte black as well as its three-legged design stand made of solid metal, it not only looks good, but is also absolutely robust and can be set up securely at any time. The UM 3.0 is ideal for capturing voice recordings of one single person as it is equipped with a cardioid polar pattern, making this USB microphone an excellent choice to use for a podcast, for streaming, gaming or voiceover applications or when making MS Teams calls while working from home. CHERRY: Your voice.

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Podcast, streaming session or video call: Top quality sound with the UM 3.0

If the sound quality of the standard built-in microphone in your laptop, webcam or headset is not enough, the CHERRY UM 3.0 is the right choice. With the streaming microphone, you can professionally enhance the sound of your recordings and achieve clear and detailed audio. Furthermore, you don't need any special prior knowledge to do this, nor do you need to have any extra software installed: The CHERRY UM 3.0 podcast microphone can be easily connected to a PC, Mac, PS4 or PS5 via Plug & Play using the USB cable included and is immediately ready for use.

THE microphone for single-person voice recordings

Probably the most commonly used polar pattern in a microphone is cardioid, and this is also what is used in the UM 3.0. Sound is picked up from the front; any noises coming from behind and from the sides of the microphone are toned down accordingly or completely faded out. For this reason, you can achieve excellent results with the CHERRY UM 3.0 when recording the voice of a single person. This makes this microphone the perfect choice for participating in a video call, starting a streaming session or recording a podcast from your home office.

High-quality workmanship meets practical functions

The CHERRY UM 3.0 delivers a high-quality podcast microphone with a USB-C port into your home and includes some very practical features. For one, there is the push-to-mute function, which allows the entry-level microphone to be muted with just a single touch when streaming, gaming, or in video calls. The red LED indicator on the top tells you that the mic has been muted. Furthermore, the headphone jack and the additional volume control (in the design of a CHERRY mouse wheel on the back of the mic) make sure that you can control the volume of your headphones at all times.

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The perfect additions for your home office microphone

For more order in your office at home: Your podcast microphone can be easily combined with one of the sturdy CHERRY MA 3.0 UNI or CHERRY MA 6.0 UNI USB microphone arms. Both have useful swivel arms, which position the microphone ideally at any angle. In addition, they are suitable for universal use and support not only the microphones of the CHERRY UM MICROPHONE SERIES, but also other types of microphones as well as many other digital devices. Add the CHERRY UM POP FILTER to the UM 3.0 to filter out any pops or hisses in your voice when recording a podcast with your USB microphone.

If you’re looking for a streaming microphone that not only impresses with its high-quality workmanship, but also has some very practical features up its sleeve and is incredibly easy to use, the CHERRY UM 3.0 is absolutely the right choice for you. Whether podcast, voiceover or video conference: With this microphone, you’ll benefit from professional sound at all times. The packaging is also completely free of plastic. Unpack, plug in, and record!






Frequency range:

20 - 20.000 Hz

Sound Pressure Level (SPL):

120 db

Max SPL:

120 db

THD (total harmonic distortion):

1.41 %

Bit rate:

24 bit


96 KHz

Polar patterns:


Power requirement/consumption:

5V, 60mA


-6.87dBFS(Max. gain)

Headphone Amplifier Impedance:

32 Ω

Headphone Output Power (RMS):

32,2 mW

Headphone THD:


Headphone S/N Ratio:

94,2 db

Signal to Noise Ratio:

69,1 db


1x 14mm



Size (WxHxL):

140 x 263 x 160 mm


2 years warranty

Weight main product:

497 g

Cable length:

250 cm

Scope of delivery:

USB-cable, Manual, microphone

System Requirements-Hardware:

USB 2.0 or higher



Operating system:

Mac OS, Windows 10 or higher

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