Xtrfy XG1-R LED UK


  • Red Cherry MX key switches
  • Backlit mechanical keyboard
  • Unlimited Anti-ghosting
  • Hardware macro functions

End of life.

$149.00 (USD)

Mechanical keys

Red Cherry MX key switches and Real 1000 Hz polling rate for faster gaming.


With full USB N-Key Rollover, you never have to worry about pressing too many keys at the same time.

Hardware macros

Recorded macros are stored directly in the keyboard’s memory. No software needed.

XG1-R LED. The whole package.

When picking a keyboard, you often have to consider your choices carefully to make sure you get all the functions you need. With the XG1-R LED, there’s really not much to consider. It combines raw performance with innovative features, giving you all you need to take your gaming to the next level. And more.

The fastest way to get faster.

No matter how quick you want to be, your gaming is never faster than your keyboard’s ability to follow your moves. The XG1-R LED features mechanical Red Cherry MX key switches. Designed for fast response and requiring less force to actuate, this is the MX series’ best switch for gaming. Combined with a Real 1000 Hz polling rate and unlimited anti-ghosting, you’re gauaranteed to improve your Actions Per Minute rate (APM).

Groundbreaking LED effects.

The XG1-R LED features innovative LED effects, designed to improve both your performance and gaming experience. By using the Key LED mode, you can choose which keys to light up. And with the Key Mask, you can disable all keys that are not lit, allowing you to focus entirely on your game controls. The Key Touch mode lights up keys as you press them, while the Key Wave mode creates a light effect on the surrounding keys. Not to mention the Equalizer mode, using a built-in mic to have the keys light up in sync with the sound effects or your music.

Advanced macros. Easy setup.

The hardware macro functions on the XG1-R LED make it quick and easy to bind long sequences of commands to single keys. Among other functions, the 9 separate macro keys enable you to record macros including time delay between keystrokes, put your macros on repeat and combine several macros.

All hardware and no hassle.

The XG1-R LED works independently with no need for software installation. That means full compatibility with all devices. And that all your settings, such as macros and key lightings, are stored directly in the keyboard’s memory. Simply plug it into any computer, and the keyboard’s configuration is completely the same as when you last used it.

Media controls and an extra G for trouble-free gaming.

The XG1-R LED has separate media keys for quick access to volume and other controls. It also has a smart G-key, which sets the keyboard in gaming mode and disables the Windows button. All to avoid unpleasant surprises while gaming.

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Winning Ingredients

Model name:



Nordic, UK


LED, white


118 keys Nordic layout

Key cap layout:

Step Scalpture2 Type


Unlimited USB N-Key Rollover

Key switches:

Mechanical Cherry MX Red

Special keys/shortcuts:

9 Macro keys, Volume control, Gaming mode key, 12 LED mode control keys




1.3 kg


443 x 170 x 39 mm


1,7 m detachable braided cord

Warranty EU/US/ASIA:

2/1/1 years

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