Momoka / MMK Flamingo Switches

Mechanical keyboard switches

• Switch type: Linear
• Actuation force: 67
• Travel: 3.9
• Pre-travel: 1.9
• Factory lubed


Number of packs needed for different keyboard sizes:
60/65% keyboard: 2.
TKL/Full-size keyboard: 3.

$35.00 (USD)


The dustproofing shroud present on the stem helps to reduce stem wobble in all directions, and, naturally, keeps out dust, leading to less maintenance and a better typing experience.

RGB-Optimized Upper Housing

The patented shape of the upper housing gives RGB keyboards a smoother and less granular look.

Dual-Rate Extended Steel Springs

The 67gF actuation force and the extended length dual-rate spring provide direct and prompt feedback. The return is stronger and quicker than normal springs.


We continually improve the lubing process to achieve more consistent and human-like results. The Flamingo switches are now all automatically lubed with 3 kinds of lubes, so you don't have to lube the switches when you receive them.

Image renders may differ from the final product.

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